Everyone human being possesses the remarkable potential of living a life full of meaning and purpose. The human brain contains one hundred billion cells, each connected to about twenty thousand other cells. This means that the possible number of thoughts an individual can think, whether positive or negative, is greater than the number of molecules in the known universe. In a nutshell, it is you and only you who have the power to transform your life, no matter what the circumstances might be.

Thoughts become things and to possess the ability to manifest them can only be exercised when a person is Self-complete. Self completeness is when a person inherently accepts oneself to achieve a state of fullness. It can only be attained by cultivating self-acceptance, self-responsibility and utilizing our free will.


It is essential to understand that our life problems can only be solved when we choose to stop blaming our circumstances and external environment and learn to exercise free will – to take responsibility for our actions. To be self-complete is to be irrevocably at peace. Whether you are happy or in the midst of chaos, a self-complete person radiates peace as if it were their normal state of being. They have unlocked a state of life long happiness, accepting that there will be obstacles every step of the way, and choose to develop foresight that helps them to anticipate and overcome these challenges.

To be self-complete is to realize that the relationship you share with yourself is essential to fulfilling your purpose. It is not to be self-indulgent and cloud one’s judgement with a solipsistic perspective, nor is it to be overly critical and lead a life of self-deprivation. It is to acknowledge that you are not obligated to demonstrate your worth to others but to only yourself. Taking self-responsibility is to build your own personal power and exercising free will is an intuitive expression of us leading to a life of utter joy and satisfaction.

The ability to relate to oneself is what makes a person self-complete, to understand your needs and wants fully without the presence of contradictory desires pulling you in opposite directions. Being self-complete is the highest state of self-development, to be a master of change and view it as progress, something that alleviates you from your current state to become a better, happier person. Self completeness is to take a vow to take the best care of ourselves, to the best of our ability to create a legacy of unconditional love for one’s own life.

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