Perception Is Projection

The subconscious mind is a memory bank. It’s a storehouse of information, knowledge, thoughts, and beliefs. It works day and night to regulate and process the information stored in it and that shapes our reality. Carl Jung called this concept ‘projection’. He explained that what we experience in the outer world is the outcome of our perception and what happens in our inner world that we form unconsciously based on what we think we know.

Hence, we see the world not as it is but as how we are. We see things that we believe are true and do not believe are true. Whatever perceptions we have about the world may be false but they might real to us once we believe in them and eventually experience them. Since projection happens because of the unconscious process of perceiving we might that we have no choice in whatever comes our way. But acknowledging that we do have a choice in choosing what to think can change our reality too.

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