“No Significance”

Things that you pay attention to, the rise in importance in your mind. This is exactly why the principle of “No significance” is necessary to understand. Imagine your friend tells you something. You have two ways to look at it. First, you can get bogged down by your friend’s words and take them personally. Second, you can tell yourself that their words have “No significance” in your life whatsoever and move on. The former is what we often do but the latter is what we genuinely need to do. 

Although we all seek good health, sound wealth and meaningful relationships, our life journeys are strikingly different. No two people are the same because our experiences, thoughts, actions and dreams hugely vary. This is the reason why someone’s criticism of yourself may not mean anything significant. They’re talking out of their experience which may not apply to you. Having the mental outlook of “No significance” lifts off the burden to agree when you don’t want to. Which, in a way, brings you closer to who you truly are. 

On the other hand, if someone says something and it triggers an emotion or feelings with you, you should pay attention to it. Our past has this tendency to affect our present if not properly dealt with. Your childhood experiences, tough time at school or living in a strict household could be unconsciously affecting you today. Hence, someone else’s words could act as a trigger. If that happens, be grateful for realising what you need to work upon and take deliberate steps towards healing. 

Self-reflection is all about maintaining a fine balance between knowing what to focus on and what to avoid. The next time you’re in a conversation, utilise the power of “No significance” principle and see where you need and do not need to direct your mental energy and attention.

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