Work-Life Balance During the Lockdown

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance is one of the most important factors to maintain high productivity and employee satisfaction in today’s situation. Worldwide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic has most affected the work-life balance owing to salary cuts and layoffs. Rapid layoffs and a decrease in manpower have led to an increase in work pressure thus impacting the overall work-life balance.

Work from home has become the latest new normal as the companies aim to eliminate interruptions and keep operations going as close as possible to normal. But with most people working from home these days, the lines between “work” and “home” could become quickly blurred. Corporates and big companies need to consider the reason for the imbalance and work with their employees to chart out a pragmatic plan of action.

In this tough phase in which we are living, working from home is becoming tougher. Working from home could often make routine monotonous. Stepping out of the home has become almost impossible and that makes it more difficult. Today, the line between work and home life blurs. We need to follow some changes to maintain this work-life balance. It is a thing of the past when work from home was considered a luxury when employees often got to work from home once a week. To keep up with this sudden change and to have a balance there are some points to be kept in mind.

Plan and Follow a Routine

Routine words themselves sound so boring but it is important to stick to your routine especially during these hard times. All the activities you did before Corona must be given a particular slot in the changed schedule. An attempt should be carried forward with the old routine with some minor changes. Make a list of tasks every morning and stick to it. Set goals and timelines for each task. You can even start your day with a video call to your colleagues not only to discuss work but also to check up on what’s happening in the industry. Follow a routine strictly and you will be able to stay updated on all the tasks you perform in a day.

Create a designated Workspace

It’s always necessary to physically separate work from the rest of your home life. A proper and designated workspace affects the mindset of the individual who is working. Make a table-chair setup instead of working ‘wherever you find space’. A working space keeps you motivated and will keep your personal and work life separate. Also, the people at home will feel like you are working seriously and will often help. Creating this physical divide between work and personal life is thus important.

Occasion breaks

These days People are often missing the morning drive to the office and tea break which they used to have. In-office we all used to often interact and were never working constantly. There should be occasional breaks for tea or reading the newspaper. Keep in mind that meals should be taken timely and should not be skipped at all. During this lockdown, people working from home are often skipping a meal to take them once the work is finished. As we take a lunch break at the office, similarly meals should be done in between work. Take breaks while working from home. This will help to relax your mind and body and give you much-needed respite amid a stressful environment. Try to communicate and have meals with your family members during the break. Listening to some good music during this spare time can help a lot. Music regulates stress and restores inner peace. It will not only boost your mood but also allow you to focus better at work and make the right decisions. However, ensure you time your breaks. It will help you manage your work efficiently.

Manage Anxiety and Spare Time for Self-reflection

Working from home amidst the lockdown can take a toll on mental health. It is always necessary to bring in positive changes to keep yourself going. Try some light exercise, simple yoga or meditation every day at least for 30 minutes. It will help to calm down your mind, body, and soul and help you stay happy throughout this phase. Also, spare some time for self-reflection and gratitude. Get some fresh air and sunlight daily. Always take a pause and thank the universe for giving you a blissful life; the blessing of having a home, family, job, etc. It will really bring a positive change in your thoughts amidst this atmosphere. Lockdown does not mean you get frustrated. One always needs to evolve, upgrade and be resilient to change. Always remember, that you are not the only one facing the problem.

Scheduling working hours

Assigning yourselves or anybody else to work a particular hour doesn’t keep you busy all day. When you don’t decide on a particular time, you end up working all day with frequent breaks. This gives irritation after some point of time as the person feels they are constantly working. Try maintaining the old working hours. It will help all the employees as if the job is a collaborative effort then all of them would be working at the same hours keeping each other motivated. Try not to overburden yourself with too much work, else you will miss the pleasures of living with your family later. Always set a time to end your office work; it will help you divide your day for other family-friendly activities.

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