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The Covid 19 pandemic has caused catastrophe to human life and has caused an unprecedented challenge to all the segments of life from economy and transport to mental health problems and unemployment.

World Bank and other rating agencies have noted India’s growth lowest in the last financial year in comparison to the last three decades. Millions of enterprises and young startups are falling apart are facing an existential threat due to the lack of funding. The pandemic has decimated jobs and caused widespread unemployment. As breadwinners lose their jobs it leads to a vicious loop of poverty, hopelessness, and food insecurity.

The misery just doesn’t end here, it leads to various kinds of abuse for example child labor is the most probable consequence. Unemployed people are willing to work even in unsafe conditions, thus making themselves even vulnerable to the disease. The modern world where everyone can travel to any part of the world and communicate has
never been restricted to stay in isolation. This unprecedented challenge demonstrates individuals aren’t able to process this new change well. . Fear and stress is a normal response when faced with uncertainty and working from home are the new normal. Lack of movement causes grief, insecurity, lack of safety at work, and even in general about life builds a lot of stress and causes neurological complications like xenophobia, insomnia, and anxiety. Implications of Covid on mental health are enormous for it has either created or exacerbated already existing mental health problems. Researches also show a considerable decline in self-esteem and increasing use of the substance to combat depression. Even mothers were quite concerned about the well-being of their children and the lack of childcare because of the closure of the schools. Children also experienced a considerable amount of changes in their behavior and eating patterns. Social isolation has made them bitter and frustrated.

Adding to the misery of social isolation is the stigmatization attached to covid. Change in the behavior of family members towards suspected patients worsens their mental health as it leads to loneliness. Unclear and vague information is another stressor. Inadequate information leads to confusion concerning the call for action upsurge in covid cases calls for increasing awareness through various platforms. Social fear must be addressed correctly and stigma related to it can be dealt with by communicating frequently.

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