We can unanimously agree that we come from both men and women. Despite the fact that we identify ourselves as either male or female, we come from both of them equally. As children, we‘re segregated to male and female not just on the basis of sex we are born with but also conditioned to behave in ways that suit our sexes. Females are conditioned to have a love for dolls, pink lacy dresses, while any digression from it is called as ‘tomboy’, whereas boys are conditioned to have a love for blue cars and physical activity & any digression from it are called as ‘sissy’ the reality, however, is that a female must be that she must be projecting her masculine side dominantly and a male must be putting forth her feminine side but ‘any between’ is pushed to fringes by the society.

The yoga philosophy advocates that male energy is called Shiva, female energy is called Shakti. We all possess and use both masculine and feminine energies, but because our society has segregated us as male and female, we often lose the innate part of ourselves because we don’t want to be seen as too weak or too manly. We create dis-ease and a constant war begins within us in which we only lose part of our self-worth and fail to recognize our perfect whole being. Male energy is symbolized by sun, logic, organization, planning, and giving whereas female energy is symbolized by the moon, patience, dream, and intuition. These are complementary channels on either side of the body.

Maintaining harmony between the masculine and feminine sides of the body is the key to wholeness. We can tune into our bodies to gain awareness of the side that is predominant in use in a given situation. Aligning with these two complementary channels is fundamental to the body. It supports our endocrine system and hormonal imbalance. It is also crucial for the better functioning of the reproductive system. The right and the left side of the body are like two sides of the same coin.

If one gets imbalanced it brings imbalance onto the other side. The imbalance of giving and receiving can block the flow of abundance into one’s life.

While healing and balancing between these polar sides of the left and right sides of the body one can invite harmonious flow and relationships in your life.

Balancing both aspects will lead to a healthier state in which one is completely confident in the abundance that is available at any moment. Abundance and love will flow harmoniously. It can be done by releasing the compulsory patterns from the subconscious and embracing both the aspect willingly and projecting the true self.

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