“If we love ourselves then everything in our life works”, says Louise hay. We all arrive on this earth as little bundles of joy. As we say grow up we‘re usually downed by the negative beliefs of people around us and in no time we start to believe them as truths. When we’re happy and all in love with ourselves, when our inner voices are firm enough to not get subdued by the noises outside then nothing and no one has power over us!

Self-acceptance isn’t parallel to narcissism but it is practicing constant attention at our inner voice which berates us or appreciates us. It is the trail to wholehearted living when we can truly connect and see within us the magnificent mountain of compassion, authenticity, and love. It means being aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses and accepting it the way it is. And not to evaluate one’s self-based on it. This drives me to the story of The Magical Kitchen by Don Miguel Ruiz. He says that imagine yourself as someone who has a magical kitchen in which you can cook anything you desire and in any amount. You’re also generous at sharing food with other people. One day someone comes to your place and offers you a pizza in exchange that you will act as he says and you deny it because you have endless supplies and you can make pizza for yourself. Then after a few days imagine that you are starving and the same person comes to you and offers you the pizza in with the same conditions but this tempted you agree and wait for that pizza every day. As time will pass you’d become insecure and anxious about the delivery of that pizza because you have depended totally on him for your survival. Here the pizza is the infinite love within you that is present right there in you but we seek validation from outside.

So, appreciate who you are
You were endowed with special gifts and talents so don’t beat yourself with all the self-created negative beliefs about your body, relationships, money, age and so on.

Let the love in
Receive compliments graciously, appreciate the beauty within and outside. Listen to your heart’s calling. Forgive more and repent less!

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